Best Guide & tips for Pubg – yoosef sharafi

This is the best guide to learn tips, guides and strategies for playing the pupg mobile game, which is a battle royale survival game where you have to survive fighting against 100 other players and be the last to live. It’s not easy to beat 99 people, because they are not only bots but other players from all over the world.

Therefore we made a free application that is the latest guide to play pubg mobile (unofficial) to give you a new experience or add your insight in playing pubg-mobile. In the application there is information from basic to advanced tips that you should know as a pub player.

All new emotes included! strategy , Fun videos, Leaks, Guide and Wallpaper tool!
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•Easy to use interface , for setting up yours Pubg wallpapers
•Perfect Timing Videos
•How to play Pubg
•All Map Tricks
•Tips to stay alive
•Guide for Beginners
•Fun Moments Videos Clip
•Tricks & tips for Pubg Mobile
•Best Strategy for Winning!
•Wallpaper HD
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