BERGMANN Setting – Ludwig Bergmann GmbH

With the BERGMANN setting app it is possible, to calculate the target speed for the scraper floor or for the drive speed for the BERGMANN-spreader depending on the application rate.

All current BERGMANN-spreaders are available.

Typical material like lime, manure, compost or others can be chosen from the integrated product-database. Basic properties (density, dosing wall height…) will be loaded and used automatically. After choosing the material and application rate, the App will show how much nitrogen, phosphate and potassium will be spread per hectare. Also, the App offers an easy tool to check the maximum amount. New material with all properties can be created by the user and existing material can be changed.

The next highlight of this app is an integrated tool to calibrate the speed of the scraper floor for spreaders without electronic control unit. Thanks to a Start and Stop button, it is possible to measure the speed of the scraper floor. A simulation shows the turning shaft with the calculated scraper floor speed. Through increasing or decreasing the oil-quantity (liter per minute) of the scraper floor, you´ll get the correct speed. On the other side, the tool shows also the actual speed of the scraper floor, so that this speed can be taken as the setting and a new drive speed will be calculated.