Benshaw Pocket Technician – AUCOM ELECTRONICS LIMITED

The Benshaw app, Pocket Technician, makes working with your EMX4 soft starter a breeze.

The app allows operators to read and share important information about trip conditions with electrical support staff no matter where they are. This means your machinery will be back at work in double quick time.

During operation the EMX4 soft starter monitors and protects you motor and machine. When a fault condition is detected the EMX4 trips to protect your system and displays the trip cause on the local control panel. If the operator is not trained or qualified to diagnose and reset the system, Pocket Technician allows them to upload and e-mail operational and trip data to support staff. It’s as simple as taking a photo and forwarding a message.

Features include:
– Fault data upload (via EMX4 generated QR Code)
– Data sharing (via e-mail)