Benefits GBG – Levan Karanadze

The main reason why Insurance company Benefits created the app is to offer its customers faster and simplified services. Only individuals, who have active insurance policies in the moment, will be able to use the app’s full functionality. App users will be able to:

• Monitor their policies and its details (Health, auto, travel, third person responsibility insurance)
• See medical coverages
• Search for providers and personal doctors’ locations
• Register damages (health, auto) and check proclaimed damages’ status
• Make a complaint
• personal managers’ contacts

In IBFM’s app all the info that a user types is confidential and is protected by Global Georgia Benefits. The app is in two languages, Georgian and English.

User’s profile:

Users will be able to register on the app only if they have an active insurance policy. Potential app users will easily register after typing a username and a password, after that they will have their personal profile and access to all the necessary information. Users, after the authorization process, will have access to their medical policies, its coverages, validation dates and statuses.

Medical damages declaration and damage statuses (health):

Individuals who have insurance policies at Global Georgia Benefits can declare a damage without authorization, only by typing policy number. However, for information that is more detailed they have to go through the authorization process.

Declaring a damage for individuals who are not app users, will consist of five steps and for those who have a username only four steps.

1. On the page of medical damages, users type policy numbers and see all the necessary information.
2. Second step is to fill in personal information
3. A user answers if he/she owns an insurance policy.
4. Uploads all the documents necessary for medical reimbursement. (doctor’s prescription, receipt, income order)

A user will be able to see damage statuses and details only after going through the authorization process. Authorized user will be able to see:

1. his/her damages
2. Damages of an Insured individual under 18. (minors)
3. Damages of an insured individual above 18 that he/she declared himself/herself.

Users can see a more detailed damage:

• When after declaring a damage, its status says “sent”
• When someone receives a damage from admin’s side and the status says “delivered”
• If a damage status says, “flawed”, in this case a user will receive a detailed explanation what was the reason for rejecting a damage declaration.
• If user’s damage declaration is being observed, status will say “work in progress”
• At the end, the status will say either “reimbursed”, or “rejected”

Auto damage declaration:

To declare an auto damage, first of all a user chooses a policy, on which he/she wants to make a declaration. Next step is to state a cause of accident:

• Car accident
• fire
• Natural disasters
• Glass damage
• theft
• Intended damage
• Fall of objects

After choosing the cause of damage, a user takes five pictures of his/her car, after which declaring a damage process is over. After all of this, a status of the damage will be:

• Sent
• Work in progress
• Reimbursement due/ rejected
• Reimbursed

Personal managers contact:

Personal managers’ contacts will be available for the app users after the authorization process. Users will see their name/last name, contact information, email, working hours, and address.

Personal messages:

In the app, users will have their personal inbox. This inbox will contain all the sent and received messages between the app users and Global Benefits Georgia