BenaBase – Nawaf ALenezi

BenaBase is a platform that offers quotations in all the areas of construction through the exchange of documents from engineering drawings or pictures then responded with quotations by companies, the platform manages the transactions of the quotation requests between the suppliers of the products and the service providers in all areas of construction with the service seekers.

People are definitely looking for construction services and companies that are specialized in their fields. Finding detailed information about construction companies is very difficult and require many searches. The best and easiest solution will be the BenaBase platform, where you can take advantage of the application service that allow users to get detailed information about companies.

Get important and useful information about registered companies, simply by specifying the company’s domain and choosing its name and then entering to view its details such as a description of the company and its work and areas of interest, in addition to its presence on various social networks, its official site and options to communicate with them.