BeeCrops – Ganesh Yanadi

Digitalize farms for varieties of crops and locations
Direct negotiation of better prices, terms and conditions with buyers
Create a digital market linkage with buyers
New sources of direct buyers
Management field notebook by taking picture or taking notes
Export, save or share the field notebook
Instant Chat with buyers
Connect with Agri inputs and service providers
Agronomy advice from agronomists

Direct linkage with farmers
Direct negotiation of prices, delivery terms and conditions with buyers
Direct procurement from Farm with geo location and traceability
Direct verification of field notebook
Direct chat with farmers
Better operational insights and inventory forecast
Local procurement thus reduction in transport cost
Realtime visibility on harvest schedule and expected harvest
Emphasis on traceability, predictability and sustainability

Direct engagement with farmers
Better understanding of farmers needs
Channel management
Branding activity
Offer crop specific portfolio

Easy to download on mobile phone and use
Easy to digitalization of farm
Easy to not farm records and share
Connect with buyers directly and negotiate terms and conditions
Instant chat with buyers
Access to Agri input providers

BeeCrops is a mobile marketplace for smallholder organic farmers, and small retailers and traders. Most smallholder farmers experience unfair prices when ready to harvest due to middlemen and unoptimized supply chain. Likewise, approximately 20% of harvest goes waste at the farm due to limited demand when crop is ready for harvest.

Secondly, most smallholder farmers are unable to share farm records with buyers due to traditional practices of paperwork thus traceability and transparency at risk for all stakeholder, including consumers. Likewise, small retailers are unable to get consistent supply of organic fruits and vegetables with emphasis on traceability and supply visibility from farm level due to high dependence on middlemen for procurement, hence high cost of procurement for buyers.

BeeCrops mobile marketplace enables farmers to geotag and digitalise the farms, allows to take a photo of a farm record or take digital notes whichever is convenient by using mobile phone and share farm records as needed directly with buyers.

Farmers and buyers can chat via a marketplace, agree with the price, and other terms and conditions. Buyers can have supply visibility, agree on planned procurement thus reduction of waste and procurement cost, and encourage local procurement for local consumption.

BeeCrops mobile marketplace also connects smallholder farmers with input providers such as organic fertilizers, organic crop protection products and agronomic advisers.