Beat Boredom – Oleksandr Lunevskyi

Often, we do not have time for ourselves, difficulties drag us into the abyss of stress. This is why it is important to feed yourself with positive emotions throughout the day. In order not to forget to do this, we created the Beat Boredom app, the task of which throughout the day to remind you to take a small timeout, which will positively affect your daily productivity.

You can choose from three relaxation techniques to suit your type of perception. Also you can change the color palette of the application according to your preferences. If this is not enough, then we have created for you 8 spectra of activities with dozens of tasks, the completion of which will captivate you for the whole day.

After doing a few exercises, your spectrum of statistics will fill up. This allows you to track how much better your skills are in a specific area.

If it’s hard to figure out what exactly you should improve or improve in yourself, the statistical vector will show you in which particular area you have achieved the greatest results. You can improve:

– Mindfulness
– Perseverance
– Aspiration
– Cognitive skills
– Increase your resistance to stress
– Improve your mental state
– Find your zen and balance
– You will understand what is best for you
– Never get bored
– And much more!

Please read this health disclaimer before using Beat Boredom app: