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Stop worrying, start investing. Automate your wealth with Beanstox.

Created to help you reach your financial goals. How does it work?
• Open an account in minutes.
• Set multiple investment goals in one account.
• Get automated investing with personalized portfolios of ETFs.
• Get insights on personal finance and extra income ideas.
• Beanstox investment philosophy: Keep it simple, keep investing, keep portfolios diversified.

How does it work?

Fast and Easy to Start
• Set up an account in minutes and start investing today.

Goal Based Investing
• Power Savings, Project Builder, Wealth Builder and more. Have a goal? Maybe, you have several. Beanstox allows you to invest for multiple goals.

Personalized Portfolios
• Tell us a bit about yourself and we can build a portfolio to best match your investment goals.

Automated Investing
• Add money to your account when you want. Take advantage of automatic deposits. Set weekly or monthly deposits and stay on track with your goals. We do the work, so you don’t have to.

Simple Monthly Fee
• $5 per month. There are no additional trading costs or commissions.

Watch your investments grow!

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