Beacon Emergency Dispatch (FL) – Trek Medics International, Inc

The Beacon app mobile is used in conjunction with the Beacon Emergency Dispatch Platform, a text message-based emergency dispatching software that alerts and coordinates emergency responders through simple messaging on iOS devices.

The Beacon mobile app can be downloaded for free in a read-only format. In order to activate the mobile app, emergency response agencies will need to create a Dispatcher account on the Beacon platform, available at

It’s recommended to first register responders’ phone numbers on the Beacon website through your Dispatcher account before installing and registering the app on their personal devices. After registering the mobile app, go to the Settings page and change your Availability status to “On-Duty” otherwise you won’t receive alerts.

Beacon is a text message-based emergency dispatch platform for emergency responders and agencies that need better communications.

Designed by Trek Medics International, Beacon makes emergency dispatch possible anywhere there’s a mobile phone signal by relaying requests for emergency assistance as text messages to the nearest trained responders — with or without internet on any mobile phone. Beacon works as a wireless emergency alert system and automates the dispatching process by guiding the nearest available emergency care providers to quickly locate, treat, and transport emergency victims to healthcare facilities.

The Beacon mobile app improves upon the Beacon SMS interface by providing an upgraded experience for smartphone users, including:

• Graphic user interface
• Interactive incident maps
• Group chat
• GPS location services
• Multiple languages
• Workflows for EMS and Fire
• Individual performance reports


Beacon allows decentralized dispatching to build emergency response networks anywhere there’s a mobile phone signal.

Beacon pulls the cord on traditional “9-1-1” emergency dispatch technologies, allowing any personal device or laptop to receive alerts and automate the emergency response workflow.

Lots of responders? Lots of incidents? Users with both smartphones and feature phones? Beacon works as a standalone dispatch system or augments existing ones to meet local needs on a large scale.

Interactions with Beacon require minimal input, designed to be easily followed and predictable with minimal training time required.

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