Beach Resort BBQ Chef – Farrukh Ahmad

Cook up a fancy barbecue treat with this great beach resort cooking game! There are multiple kinds of bbq to maker such as beef, chicken, corns, sausage & much more with amazing resort restaurant kitchen chef recipes. Here you can mix up your saucy ingredients ready for your marinate, cook your chicken until its tender, as well as decorating the plate and serving it up in style. Great cooking fun to be had, become the barbecue chef you’ve always wanted to be!

Live your dream to become a super resort chef of a barbeque restaurant and follow spicy delicious bbq grilled food recipes in beach barbecue cooking game. Enjoy cooking saucy bbq junk food maker kitchen recipes, spice packed flavor and fragrance rich grilled barbecue on beach resort cooking game. Explore top cooking game adventure and run your own barbecue cooking beach restaurant like you’ve always wanted on the beach. Give your inner food chef a new cooking challenge with this restaurant bbq cooking game!


• Unlimited combinations to make your bbq food unique.
• Have the most wonderful beach bbq restaurant grill party ever.
• Endless mix and match fun with tons of beach food cooking options
• Enjoy the bbq beach resort feast with family and friends.
• Variety of bbq to enjoy at beach resort such as chicken, beef, corns, sausages & much more !