Be Zestty – Itamar Kamar

A marketing platform that allows small-medium businesses to promote real-time deals, bringing in customers in real-time.

In only 5 clicks, you can start promoting your business. We are currently the cheapest marketing platform, offering the most effective results in real-time! you only pay for what you sell with us, no more cost per click, no more spending money on ineffective marketing.

We offer marketing analytics powered by AI to help improve your business to acquire more customers, we recommend what to promote, when to promote, how many customers will see your promotions, and much more.

You can save your most successful promotions so that you can reuse them again in only 3 clicks, track the success of your previous promotions, and compare them. We will also show you the most successful of your promotions per week and per month, how many customers they brought you and how much revenue you made from them!

We make verifying your customer’s purchases as easy as scanning a QR code! No complicated systems, no more hassle, partner with us to enjoy a seamless marketing flow.

Let all your employees help you verify purchases and market by inviting them to join your team on our platform and assign them roles.

No more spending on expensive tools, marketing preparations, and experts, we do all the heavy lifting for you!

Try us, we only charge on what we sell!

*Please contact us after creating your account for us to approve your business and allow you to start promoting.