Be FRIENDS App – Be Friends Inc.

The goal of Be FRIENDS is to provide an opportunity for people to use their talents to earn money and help others with no restrictions whatsoever.

By using Be FRIENDS we show which knowledge and skills we can use to help others reach their goals. Here you will always find the right contacts and people who can solve all your problems.

Find those who know what you need or have the right skills on Be FRIENDS. You can consult them, offer them work, or ask them to teach you.

Use Be FRIENDS to tell everyone about what you know or can do.
You can find new clients and help others reach their goals. You can provide them consulting, do a job for them, teach them for a fee or help out for free.
Select your areas of expertise or specialty if you want other users to contact you.
You don’t have to select the areas expertise if you only want to contact people but don’t want them to contact you.

When you travel with Be FRIENDS you will find people who speak your language, people who will help you solve any problems on your adventure, or who will stand by you in an emergency.


Create your personal brand
We build our relationships based not only on professional but also on personal traits of each of us. You control your reputation. Do you need positive reviews and high ratings? Consult for free or simply help someone solve their problem and your rating will grow with good reviews and high scores. Your reputation will speak for you. Simply mention your Be FRIENDS profile and people will know they can trust you.

Find the people you need
You can ask questions, ask for help, or offer work. Surround yourself with those who will help you grow.

Earn more money
Find new clients in your city or anywhere else in the world and stay on good terms with your contacts.
Do you want to work or teach? Set your own price for your services.
Do you want to provide consulting? Set your price per consultation or do it for free.

Work with no middlemen
Determine the payment method for your services on your own. We do not charge fees or commission.
Settle your deals yourself. There are no more middlemen. There are no bosses or supervisors here; you can finally work for yourself. Be FRIENDS charges no fees or commission. Simply state the prices for your services and decide on your method of payment.
You can use cash, wire transfers, PayPal, or other payment systems. There are no restrictions.

Work remotely
You can consult, teach, and work either on site or remotely.

Do what you love to do
Help others to master your hobby or turn it into a source of income.

Talk to people from abroad
You don’t have to limit yourself to your own country. It is now easy to find the right person anywhere in the world.

Make travel more interesting
In another country you can always find people who speak your language, people who will help you solve any problems in your adventure, or who will stand by you in an emergency.

You can download and use the Be FRIENDS app for free.