Be Collectiv – Everett Gilmore

• Give direct feedback to your team’s leaders
• Express reactions to announcements
• Respond to surveys
• RSVP to events

Work experiences transform with Collectiv. Engage with company announcements, surveys, and events that leadership sends to all the teams and people in your company. Regardless of your physical location, or role within your company, you will provide instant feedback and share opinions with your company’s leadership.

You’ll have the opportunity to gain insight into your company’s strategic vision, and honestly, just generally know what’s going on whether you work in the office or remotely from home.

Companies using Collectiv like to send announcements that highlight accomplishments, celebrate successes, and promote diversity and inclusion. Employees engage with their news feed to see all upcoming events, take surveys, and react to announcements.

Becoming a better company means making people feel valued, appreciated, and listened to. Your opinions are important to your company’s leadership, and Collectiv gives you the opportunity to share comfortably.

Use Collectiv to:
• Send feedback and reactions to leadership – sharing your voice by showing management what motivates and inspires you
• Connect with your company’s mission and knowledge of company progress and development
• Browse the company news feed – know what’s happening at a glance and dive deeper with full engagement
• Take surveys – provide responses to your leadership’s questions