bConfig – Boschung

Configuring a hardware has never been easier. With our user-friendly app, bConfig, you can wirelessly prepare your ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO to pull data from your vehicle.

Wireless connection
With your hardware installed, you just have to wirelessly scan for devices nearby. With a simple click, you can connect to the one you need to configure.

Wireless configuration
We created bConfig to help you get the most data from your vehicle. With our app you can wirelessly configure everything you have connected to your ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO.

ConnectHub update
To ease the process of updating the onboard software of your ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO, we designed a simple to use in-app notification to inform you of new software update. Just get the new software on an USB stick and plug it to your device and install the latest update in your ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO directly.