BCNET KMS Go – Kaltura Inc.

If you are a student, faculty or staff member from a British Columbia post-secondary institution, please use this version of the Kaltura MediaSpace Go application. This app is ONLY intended for BCNET consortium members participating in the Kaltura service offering.

The Kaltura MediaSpace mobile application brings the powerful capabilities of your existing web-based video portal to your Phone/tablet, with an optimized experience for your specific device:
Discover: Find exactly what you are looking for whenever you need it with powerful search features – in video metadata, in captions, in bookmarks (chapters and slides)
Watch: Watch videos and rich media like Interactive Video Quizzes delivered to you in playlists, galleries and channels, with mobile optimization.
Participate: Engage with video content on the-go anytime, including liking, commenting, and sharing.
Access: Log into the mobile app using the same credential as your web-based MediaSpace portal, with the same permissions and entitlements.
Download: Download media to your device in a secured manner so you’ll be able to watch it offline on your Phone/tablet when internet access is not available.
Get Inspired: Interactive ways to find additional interesting content for you.
End Users:
-Verify with your administration that access to the mobile app is enabled for your organization
-Download the app to your phone/tablet
-When you log in for the first time please enter your organization’s video portal URL, before entering your standard credentials.
Administrators: Contact your Kaltura Account Manager to verify the following requirements:
-Your MediaSpace “kmsapi” custom module is enabled