Bay Ridge Trails – Bay Ridge Civic Association

The Bay Ridge Trails App is a hiking trail app that uses GPS to map out Bay Ridge trails. Users can use the app to find the trails and navigate around Bay Ridge. The app provides a white outline of the trails by using multiple GPS polylines and markers for the QR code locations. This app is designed to help users navigate around the trails and find the locations of the QR codes. It provides a photo gallery for users to preview the features and trails in Bay Ridge.

The Bay Ridge Trail App uses the user’s location for real-time tracking to guide the user. The user’s location is indicated with a blue dot with a light blue circle to signify accuracy. It uses several predefined coordinate points to form a polyline border to outline the trails.

Users can scroll through a list of pre-loaded trails. The user can also select which gallery to view from a picker view. The app draws a white lie and displays the location of the user as a pulsing blue dot.
Included Features:
· Real-time positioning
· Trail list selection and all-trail option
· Picker menu to select picture gallery
· Picture Gallery for each trail and features
· White border polyline for trail paths
· Marker for each QR code in the map

The App GPS real-time location tracker uses the highest location accuracy which may drain phone batteries.

This app was developed in 2021 as a Community Challenge Project for the benefit of the Bay Ridge Civic Association by STEM Juniors in South River High School. Rodz Amor developed the app on XCode.