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Baxta is: Your Calendars. Your Way.

In a world where most of us have more than one calendar account, often in different places (Google, Outlook, Apple iCal), Baxta has been created to seamlessly bring them together into one place.

With Baxta, there’s no longer a need to rely on text messages, What’sApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram DMs to organize an event with the people you value most. Now you just need Baxta!

1. Sync your external calendars from Google, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook
2. Create calendar groups based on life categories of work, family, friends, sports, co-parenting, and more!
3. Invite group members and get a 360-degree view into everyone’s schedule

Scheduling has never been easier!

Privacy is key:

With Baxta, you can manage your privacy settings by each group. Perhaps you want family members to see details of your calendar events. Simply set your privacy to show event details.

Perhaps you do not want co-workers or friends to see details of your events. Simply set your group privacy to “Show Busy / Available” and your privacy is secured!

Co-Parenting Features

Baxta makes it easy for members of blended families to manage co-parenting schedules. Simply create a “Co-Parenting” group, invite your co-parent, and set your custody schedule.

Linked Accounts & Baxta Mini App
Manage calendars on behalf of others by created a linked account. This feature is great for parents who need to organize multiple schedules for children!

When creating a linked account for any child under the age of 13 years old, we have a kid-friendly calendar app called Baxta Mini. Create a Baxta mini account inside the Baxta. All you have to do is download the mini app and sign-up with the account you created in Baxta. Then your child will have a simple calendar app on their phone or iPad!

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