– Sarunas Visockas is a real multiplayer 2d shooter with a fully destructible map!
Battle players in your favorite gamemodes like capture the flag, gun game and more.

-WHAT IS BATTLEDUDES.IO? is a free multiplayer 2d shooter game with a fully destructible map, where you fight other teams and players for the victory! The game has multiple distinct maps and multiple gamemodes for you to choose from, with many map and gamemode combinations. To aid you in fighting the enemies at your arsenal you have over 20 different weapons that you can unlock by playing the game and gaining XP points.

In larger maps you can use vehicles like the jeep and the tank to quickly travel the map and transport your friends as well. While driving the jeep your friend who sits in the passenger seat can shoot at enemies! Meanwhile the heavily armored tank is a single seater, however it boasts a powerful tank turret shooting exploding rockets. Just watch out for the long reload time.

You can customise your weapons and player by selecting unlockable perks. Perks can increase your weapon damage, health amount, weapons switch speed, weapon reload speed, your running speed and many other stats. This allows you to make many weapon and perk combinations for you own gameplay style!

To communicate with your teammates use the emoji wheel. It allows you to communicate with teammates without the language barrier.
By playing the game and gaining coins you can unlock and purchase many new emotes.

-LEADERBOARDS includes a leaderboard with daily, weekly and all time statistics. If you create an account to save your progress you can also compete with others in the leaderboards.

Visit the shop to purchase new hats and emotes with either the coins currency or the gems currency. Coins are earned by playing the game and gaining XP. Gems can be purchased from the store. Each currency can buy a certain set of items. is a free game, but includes a premium currency, gems, for purchase.

If you need help or to find new friends to play the game with, join our discord community: