Battlecruisers – Felix Mann

Battlecruisers is a single-player battle simulator that challenges your tactical thinking. Humorous, perilous and visually stunning, your cruiser mission awaits!

• Build the ultimate warship. Attack and defend against frigates, artillery, and bombers.
• Lure enemies into tactical traps and smash them with fighters and rapid attack boats.
• Employ awesome destructive power with death star satellites, nuclear rockets and long-range artillery.
• Decimate your enemies with insane ultra weapons.
• Unlock the Mann O’War, the Kamikaze Signal, and more.
• Beat the diabolical AI enemy in 25 addictive levels and 4 difficulty modes.
• Devour the particle system pyrotechnics where every explosion is unique!
• Set to a dynamic score with music that traces the action of every battle sequence.

Inspired by much-loved classics, Battlecruisers brings a minimalist flair to the RTS genre.

Play all 25 levels for FREE!

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