BATT SYNC – DHC Specialty Corp.

BATT SYNC is a wireless battery & electrical system tester controlled by our applications. It also comes with an automatic battery monitor and saves the results into the built-in calendar. Furthermore, BATT SYNC supports our cloud data management service as well.
1. Battery Monitor
Real-time battery monitoring and sends out notification automatically.
2. Battery, Cranking, & Charging system tester
12V battery / 12V START-STOP battery test / 12V & 24V cranking/charging system test /
3. Start/Stop Battery Test Available
Performs accurate test for Start/Stop batteries.
4. Graphical User Interface
The interactive interface makes the operation easier and provides the test results clearly.
5. Vehicle & Battery Info Available
Supports VIN & Battery S/N scan
6. Customer & Shop Info Available
Capable of editing & saving customer & shop info.
7. Calendar
Easily identifies which and when that the test has been performed from the calendar.
8. Remote Control via Applications
All the test procedures are remotely controlled by the iOS application.
9. Share Test Results Capability
Test results could be share via communication applications or email
10. Cloud Data Management Capability
Supports our cloud data management service
11. Field Upgrade
Upgrades the tester via our applications.
12. Name the Tester
Able to name different testers to easily identify multiple testers.
13. Group Test Capability
Able to perform group/batch battery test.