Basketball Dunk Shot Battle – Farrukh Ahmad

Get ready to shoot some dunk hoops? Grab a ball and start dunking! Basketball ball dunk shot is a battle game in which you have to fight with yourself to keep balls on tray, otherwise the ball will fall on the floor and you will lose a point. Shoot the hoops, unlock new balls, become the next basketball star! Come on now, join everybody to do unlimited basketball action in a new way by playing this basketball dunk hit game!

Come on! Test your sports dunk hoop shot skills! See the surprises in dunk hit and beat battle every stage holds for you. Keep control of the basket holder and drop into the zone, the more you keep the ball fall exactly from the basketball on the floor & save your lives! Keep calm and dunk as much as possible in this basketball arcade hit game!

Hold the basket like your partner and move the basket like a dancing queen.Focus on the ball and try to dunk as much as you can. Follow the movement of the balls, especially the fireball. Do not miss it! Challenge your friends to see who is the dunk shot battle master in this basketball dunking game!


* Stunning special effects and sounds
* Endless arcade game.
* Easy to control, challenge the highest scores!
* Addictive gameplay, Can`t stop playing!
* Don’t miss any ball.