BaseTQ – Alejandro Rodriguez

BaseTQ is an app for companies dedicated to the inspection and quality controll of automobile parts.
The funtionality is destinated to ease the work of inspection and report of defects much more easy and fast.
In your quality alerts you can add photos as evidence in case a defect is found in the inspected parts.
With basetq, in addition to creating Quality Alerts, you can do follow ups as long as they are authorized by your “Ship From Supplier”, which is designed to
record overtime requests to finish quality alert work, or request more overtime
if necessary, but you can use these additional requested hours until your Ship From Supplier approves them.
You can check in and check out from the app to notify your superiors of your arrival and departure time at the company.
You can also request expenses for different needs that arise when making your inspections. With BaseTQ you will be able to regiter and manage your inspections and quality alerts on time.