Barefoot Buckets – Juan Sampera

There’s an easier way to manage your money. If you’ve been trying to organise your expenses but find it hard to keep track or just don’t feel like writing down every single transaction, then we’ve got your back.

Barefoot Buckets is a budget calculator inspired by the book “The Barefoot Investor” by Scott Pape

The 60-10-10-20 plan is a simple way to put your budget in autopilot, start saving and stop worrying.

Each week, fortnight or month calculate how to divide 100% of your pay into four buckets, then distribute those amounts into separate bank accounts to manage your spending accordingly.

Barefoot Buckets is a simple calculator to help you get started. We don’t collect any information, connect with bank accounts nor provide financial advise.

There’s a lot less worry and way less stress when you plan your spending ahead of time.