Bao Electronic Board Game – Charles Mwangi

Bao Game is one the most interesting, enjoyable, fascinating and challenging game. 

This unique game has provided enjoyment in East and Central Africa for hundreds of years, as physical wooden boards with holes curved in wooden boards.  

The user may play against human or computer, allowing for fast learning, and enjoyment of this unique game.

If play against computer, select level 1, 2 or 3 in “Menu-Preferences”, level 3 being most challenging.

One may change the move speed of the computer, either slow, normal or fast, depending on ones preferences and level of expertise on the “Menu-Preferences”.

The user may change seed and board colors from Menu selection – Preferences.

Typically seeds in a hole would be scattered, however, bao electronic board allows the user to view seeds as either scattered, arranged or counted digits per hole.

Count seed display, makes it easier for users with small devices to enjoy the game.

Menu selection “Help” and “Rules” provides more detailed information assisting the user to learn fast and enjoy this unique game, that has provided enjoyment for hundreds of years in East and Central Africa.

Bao Electronic Board game trains the mind on strategies to win the game.

Bao Electronic board game does not collect user private information.

Purchase an electronic copy now, enjoy, learn to play and win. Have fun.