BanksiaGUI – Nguyen Pham

– Stockfish, version: 13Dev, author: Stockfish team
– LeelaChessZero, version: 0.26.3, author: LeelaChessZero team
– Ethereal, version: 12.50, author: Andrew Grant
– Xiphos, version: 0.5, author: Milos Tatarevic
– Defenchess, version: 2.2, author: Can Cetin, Dogac Eldenk
– RubiChess, version: 1.8, author: Andreas Matthies
– Laser, version: 1.6, author: Jeffrey An, Michael An
– Igel, version: 2.6, author: Medvedev, Shcherbyna

– Play vs very strong Chinese chess engine
– Setup time controller
– Setup Skill level (to adjust playing strength)
– Can take back
– Support Analysing on fly mode
– Display all computing info, show analysing arrow
– Voice moves as well as simple sounds
– Has an internal Opening book
– Can run the benchmark
– Custom chess pieces, board materials
– Support both Light and Dark Appearance modes
– Edit position
– Autosave/load playing game
– Paste FEN, PGN
– Copy, email FEN, PGN, image
– On, off or hybrid NNUE mode
– Release with source-code (GPL license) thus anyone can check, verify and/or contribute