Bankiom Mobile Banking – Bankiom Technologies LTD

Bankiom is a banking app for those who want more from their banking experience. Once you download the app you will be able to connect all your bank accounts and manage them from one dashboard. You can get a payment card that works on Apple Pay.

Enjoy round-the-clock access to your money, daily news, tips and financial knowledge to help you make the smartest financial decisions and learn how to build wealth like a pro


– Join Bankiom and connect all your bank accounts

– Access all your bank and Track your account balances and transactions from one dashboard

– View your accounts by bank, type (current, savings, loans) and currency

– Send and receive money from all your bank accounts seamlessly

– Get your own Visa issued Bankiom Virtual Debit Card that works on Apple Pay and Google Pay

– Send VISA issued gift cards

– Track your wealth in the currency of your choice

– View transaction history and search for transactions by date, amount, or beneficiary

– Learn how to make the smartest financial decisions with the Bankiom Money Master Guide

Access and grow your wealth anywhere and anytime with the Bankiom mobile banking app.
Download Bankiom now and get started in seconds.