BANJI – edeXa AG

Banji is highly secured for your to store or share any kind of file through our blockchain network.

Files stored in Banji can be shared with any user. It is possible to share files to user Banji user as well as with people who have not yet signed up to Banji. This way we made the futures of Banji and Blockchain available to as many people as possible.

Users can upload files, create folders from your device and view, store, download, share information. You can also sign documents and manage your open contracts from within the app in real time.

Store data securely, even if any unnecessary modification is done by the other party, then the data which is stored in the Banji will be used as a concrete proof for verification.

Very Highly secure to get into the portal, no other anonymous users can login… as it has an extra double layer to prevent non authenticated users.

Contract Management on Blockchain
– Any kind of contracts can be prepared and can be shared securely with other party.

– Paperless communication in government and private sectors.

– From tenancy agreements to bank account openings to signing invoices, edeXa offers the first digital only signature on the blockchain.

– We integrate edeXa BlockSign into our contract management system, so that you can manage the signed documents, follow up on them and keep amendments at hand. At the same time, the Blockchain network guarantees, that active contracts are immutable.

– Send and sign agreements securely from any iPhone device.

Efficient :- BlockSign reduces manual tasks and gives all parties more convenience for signing and managing the contracts. You not only save time but can greatly reduce the time from writing the contract to getting all signatures.

Save Money :- BlockSign saves you money on each contract. There is no need to print, mail, follow up or even archive contracts. We do all this for you digitally and securely on the Blockchain while you save time and money.

Real Time Status updates :- Always know the status where exactly your agreement is in the signing process. Always know who is next to sign and never miss an important deadline.

Sign on the go :- Our user-friendly mobile app for iOS let you sign contracts anywhere on the go. Often one click can be enough to add your signature to the contract.

Bulk Send :- We make it easy and simple for you to send the same document to a large number of recipients. If you have one contract that needs to be signed, it has never been easier to do this. Also we help you following up on contracts and keeping an overview of who hast yet to sign.

– We leverage distributed ledger technology to create an immutable environment that is- by design – manipulation-proof. But we don’t stop there – we put security first.

– That’s why we provide many layers of security where you as the user can choose how much security you need. You have your own preferences option in terms of security .

– In that case for login user need to enter the OTP after, successfully validated email and password

More than just cloud storage
– We do not just safe your documents and data to a cloud storage, but we hash it securely to our world class business blockchain

Better than traditional solutions
– Our distributed ledger technologies created high security standards as data is securely stored on numerous location simultaneously

How we are different from our competitors
– There are ton of cloud services available. Where you can upload your data, store it, share it and amend it. We focus less on securing your images but more on securing what is really important on the long run.

– Ready for all industries and areas (Government, Designing, Law, Research, Engineering)

Banji use cases
– Intellectual property protection
– protecting your ideas, photography, design,
– Protect your business ideas and your trade secrets
– We make it easy for you to protect your intellectual property.