!Balls 4 in a Row – Priti Kaloni

Please Note: This app is free, no IAP, cool gameplay and optimized user interaction.

The objective of this game is simple: Connect 4 balls of the same type and color next to each other either vertically or horizontally. You have the option to flip the balls by 90 degree units and you can also make them move down quickly, with the aim of creating a horizontal or vertical line of four similar balls without gaps. When such a line is created, it disappears, and any ball above the deleted line will fall. As the score increases, the balls fall faster, and the game ends when the stack of balls reaches the top of the playing field and no new sequence of balls are able to enter.

Game Features :-

* Awesome gameplay
* Clean UI
* Nice music and sound effects
* Cool animations
* No IAP, free and much more….

Avoid the balls from getting to the top of the playing field and have fun…