BalloonPlay Balloon Animal App – Eldad Levi hevroni

BalloonPlay™ introducing the world’s first, Balloon Animal App the includes Balloon twisting and balloon hacks video courses in a fun, easy and clear approach.

I am Eldi, a father of 3 and a balloon comedian and a twister with more than 25 years of experience in balloon comedy shows and balloon workshop for all ages in multiple languages. 
I created these Balloon Animals courses to allow anyone access to the magical world of balloon and balloon animals. 
These Balloon modelling courses can be useful to everyone! from Kids of ALL ages, to Grandparents, Parents who want to add another string to their bow, teachers, nursery teachers, volunteers, people who works with special needs, Hospital workers of all levels, cool uncles and anyone who appreciate simple fun with balloons.

All the balloons projects in my App are with the use of balloons with the aim of changing the screen watching from passive player to active sharing activities “out side” of the smartphone, tablet and TV screens.

With more than 26 years of experience as a Balloon twister I am sure you will find this app not only value for money but enjoyable and fascinating.

My aim with BalloonPlay is to motivate everyone, especially kids, and adults to twist and play with balloons whilst having a fun family time together.

Warning! Using BalloonPlay will get your kids off the sofa to look for new balloon challenge.

Using BalloonPlay will reduce the hours your children spent on Smartphone while following the balloon hacks movies inside the app.

I keep updating my balloon app every month so please stay tuned!Have fun with my App
See you in my next BalloonPlay videoEldiThe BalloonHero
we are the first app that created its own original balloon twisting course without using someone else content…NB 2I am using ONLY balloons made of natural latex that biodegrade easily.