Baldwinians – Goverdhan Jayaram


The Baldwin Girls’ High School and Baldwin Boys’ High School, Bengaluru, India, are institutions that are over 137 years old. Over the years, alumni of these two institutions, have gone on to be extremely successful citizens of the World.

Information about the alumni of the Baldwin Schools of Bengaluru is not available in a manner that can facilitate effective networking and mentoring.

UXL Technologies, founded by Goverdhan Jayaram, an alumnus of Baldwin Boys’ High School, has taken the initiative to create an International Network of Baldwinians, a digital network, powered by this mobile application along with a database of verified data of alumni of the Baldwin schools.


The primary objectives of the Baldwinian mobile application are as follows:

(a) Build a digital community of Baldwinians operating from a smartphone.
(b) Help younger Baldwinians network with more senior alumni to accelerate their professional success.
(c) Build a ‘Marketplace’ of Baldwinians where alumni can buy and sell goods and services to one another. This ‘Marketplace’ can reduce the cost of marketing and sales and increase the velocity of the movement of goods and services.
(d) Find the right ‘Baldwinians’ – for example find a Baldwinian neurosurgeon, a chartered accountant, a writer and so on.
(e) Organize meetings between Baldwinians to build strong personal and professional relationships.


The Baldwinian application is built on Google Firebase and Google Firestore along with the search capabilities of Algolia. Consequently, the application is using the latest technology stack to serve its consumers.

The features available in the Baldwinian application include :

(a) Store basic information about a member of the Baldwinian community.
(b) Store professional information to include skills, history, and related commercial activities.
(c) Search feature based on filters such as name, passed out batch, professional history, skills, industry, goods, and services sold and goods and services purchased.
(d) Meeting module to facilitate meetings between members.

The application is supported by a ‘Data management team’ that is constantly gathering information from alumni, organizing it and uploading it into the database.

To use this application please register at . Our support team will reach out to you with instructions.