Bake My Words Plus – Cretorial Media Services Pvt. Ltd.

The ultimate mix of education and entertainment, Bake My Words lets you learn English expressions and grammar playfully like baking. You sequence jumbled words to craft a meaningful phrase or sentence. Easy. Simple. Fun! And a great way of experiencing short, creative, age-agnostic content – phrases, everyday sentences and questions, quotes, proverbs, and idioms.

Play each jumbled string of words by simply tapping the words in the correct sequence. There are four levels in Bake My Words. Play all the levels one by one or choose a level that’s right for you. Get feedback and inspiration and become a master of the English language.

How do you play?
We have tried to make Bake My Words easy and intuitive, so you can play as many rounds as possible in the time you have. The first step is to choose a level from four levels: Starter, Challenger, Achiever, and Genius.

How to choose a level: Don’t worry too much about whether the level you’ve chosen is right for you. If you are new to learning English, we recommend that you try the Starter level first. If you’ve chosen a level that’s difficult for you (you are getting more burns than bakes), we will prompt you to play the previous level. Likewise, if you are playing really well, we will prompt you to play the next level.

How to get a perfect bake: You get a perfect bake when you tap the words of a jumbled string exactly in the correct sequence – without a mistake or a hint and within the time allotted for the bake. A perfect bake means getting points. The points for a perfect bake depend on the number of words in the string.

What happens if you find yourself half-baking or burning: Sometimes, you might stumble while playing and tap words in the wrong order.
• Each time you tap an incorrect word, we take away a little time from your baking time – we call it a time penalty.
• You will get a beep when you tap a wrong word. It’s like a hint. If you want more help (like highlighting the correct word), you will have to burn your cookies.
• If you are playing the Achiever level or the Genius level, we make things a little tougher for you. If you keep making mistakes, you will end up with a burn for the round. Don’t lose heart. Burning is learning.

How to earn cookies: When you install Bake My Words for the first time, we gift you some cookies. As you play, you are rewarded with more cookies for your great performance and, sometimes, for watching ads.

How to earn badges: Quite simply by playing well. Keep baking and earning points. At different milestones (like when you have achieved 10 bakes in a row or got a million points in your kitty), you earn badges. Excited?

Bakemarks: Bakemarks are your bookmarks, your favorite strings. You can reread these strings at leisure or use other resources (like a thesaurus) to learn more. You can even play a few Bake My Words rounds with your bakemarked strings.

Happy baking and learning! We can’t wait to see you get started.