Baitussalam – Uzair Zaveri

Bait-Us-Salam application comes with all day to day used features for Muslim Community. It provides tremendous features as follows:

1-Salah Timing

Salah timing as per Sunni school of thought. Users can select their school of thought under settings and can get the timings of the Salah according to it on the application. The application will notify users every time when the Salah time starts and ends.

2-Bait-us-salaam live bayan

In these hard times Bait-Us-Salam app provides the feature of Live Bayan through which users can listen to Live Bayanaat.

3- Publications

On this application you would have access to all the Bait-Us-Salam Publications such as articles, Bi-Monthly Bulletins, Fahm-e-Deen Magazine, Intellect Magazine and more.

4- Guides
Guides on How to perform Hajj and Umrah.

5- Recorded Bayanaat

Users will have access to all the Recorded Bayanaat of Famous Scholars and all the special bayanaat that are given at Bait-Us-Salam.

6- Quran with Translation and Audio.

Complete quran is available for users that can be accessed through the application to read and if the user wants they can also download the audio and translation in Urdu of individual Surah and listen to it as well.

7- Daily Duas

Duas that are to be read on a daily basis are available in this application which will give users an ease of access of all the Duas in one place.

8- Qibla Direction

Our app also provides location based Qibla Direction to users as well so that they can easily find Correct Qibla direction to offer prayers.

9- Donation

Those users who wish to Donate to Bait-Us-Salam Organization for there efforts made to the society can now donate through the Donation Option available in our application.

Permissions Required

1- Location

To get user location and provide Salah Timings according to user locations.

2- Storage access

To download Quran Audio and Images.
To Download Publications and Guides for user reading.