BadgeBox 2.0 – BadgeBox Srls

BadgeBox is the brand new time tracking and HR Management app that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you plan the future of your company.
Optimize the business process, improve the productivity of the employees and simplify the HR management on both Remote Work and on-site.
Cut the learning time thanks to the voice commands: just ask a question to the Bot to start using the app’s features.
A scalable system that fulfills the needs of each type of Company, essential for freelancer to manage the daily operations.
Your whole Company in a smartphone. Always with you!


• Time Capture
Time tracking of the hours worked in the office, on business trips and on remote work

• Calendar
Plan vacations, remote work, meetings, event and shifts rotation in an easy way

• Employees
HR section with detailed attendance data, expense notes, requests and other useful information
• Requests
Vacations, time-off and sick leaves requests via smartphone
• Documents
Separate folders shared among the company or by user and administrator to share payroll slips, internal policies or to store personal documents

• Expense notes
Scan bills and receipts and generate the expense note, single or a group of expenses. A tidy paper free management

• Timesheet
Timesheet creation and submission from the smartphone app
• Activity
Plan tasks and activities to improve the productivity by monitoring hours worked, costs and revenues.
• Work Reports
Easy and fast work report generation from the site of intervention

1. Manage your business everywhere and anytime
2. All data in real time and always with you
3. Optimize your work and increase the productivity
4. Costs reduction thanks to the Artificial Intelligence
5. Intuitive user experience thanks to the voice commands
6. Agile on-site and remote workers management
7. Can be integrated with the most used software
8. Endless scalability
9. Save your time and dedicate it to your company’s growth
10. Off-line time capture via smartphone app

BadgeBox is a multi-platform solution available on smartphone, tablet and website

Install BadgeBox for free!