Bad Quotes – Phat Nguyen

What is Bad Quotes?
Logic, Tracking, Motivation, Favourite, and more are called Bad Quotes – a book log supporting your reading process and impulsing the effectiveness. An integrated platform helps you arrange bookshelf, prefer relating subjects, improve the reading performance, and so on… by accessing the Bad Quotes.

Track your reading process
All reading behaviors will be shown off in our statistics. This makes you know how your achievement is, find out the unlogical reading process, and upgrade your level in devouring a book.

Note the valuable statement
Sympathize fully with the words of the author? But where can you save it to read again? Bad Quotes Bookmark will be the solution for you. It is a convenient tool for you to manage a lot of good references and avoid forgetting.

Match your favourite
Based on your bookshelf, Bad Quotes suggests you the relating books you may like, and more other topics for you to discover the new topic. Specially, you can share your taste with your friends

It’s free to use. Sign up and get a new title.