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Free yourself from low back pain, get fit, and become healthy, active and happy, through a daily, easy to follow, step by step, mind and body exercise approach.

In the 6 week “Freedom From Pain To Fitness” challenge you start from only 15 minute gentle workouts a day to :-

Free yourself from the fear of injury and pain when you exercise,
Feel more confident to do activities you enjoy,
Burn fat and loose weight.
Tone your whole body.
Feel more confident in mind and body.

In the 6 week “Freedom Freedom From Pain To Fitness” programme, you will also become stronger, more flexible whilst training with an expert in exercise for low back pain, Pilates and has worked with hundreds of clients who suffer with pain in the lower spine.

The daily exercise regimes are from only 15 minute a day workouts building up to 1 hour workouts as you get stronger.

You will start with very gentle but effective exercise routines that are safe and teach you to activate the important core muscles, so you can start to build core strength and mobility of the spine without fear of injury.

You will learn to activate your glute muscles without straining your lower back and start to build strength and tone your bum. This is an important part of becoming pain free in your back.

As you become stronger, you can move onto longer and more challenging Pilates workouts that target full body strength, mobility and flexibility.

You will learn meditation techniques to aid you in your recovery of low back pain, improve your mindset, build confidence and feel happier every day. This will start from 5 minutes a day, working you up to 20 minute meditation sessions as you progress and become more comfortable with relaxing and quieting the mind.

You will also get the top tips of daily things you can do to reduce and free you from future spasms in your lower back. These will make you feel stronger and more confident doing daily functional movements and other activities you enjoy.

As you become more active, you will burn more calories, become fit, healthy and tone your body. Also to aid your weight loss goal, you will have a nutrition guide and meal plan that teaches you lots of easy ways to cut calories and improve your eating habits without starving yourself of going on a strict diet. You can choose either a vegan or meat 7 day meal plan with delicious, healthy and easy to follow recipes.

As well as all this, you will get a weekly coaching session to watch or live with me were we talk about all the areas we want to improve in the programme, motivate and educate you to help you achieve your fitness goals.

After your six weeks challenge you can join the master membership for a discounted price of just £24.99 to continue your journey to a happy, healthy and active life, free from low back pain.

Client testimonials

I have historically suffered with low back pain because I do a sedentary desk based job. Since doing Laura sessions I have virtually no back pain- Phil