BabyMatch: Mom or Dad – Exadel, Inc

Try our free app to see who your child resembles more. Match your kids’ photos against celebrities and find out whether you’ve got the next Nick Jonas or Angelina Jolie!

All you need to do is:

* Install the free application

* Choose one of the two modes: Parents or Celebrity. In Celebrity mode, the application compares your images to a huge gallery of celebrity photos!

* Take a selfie and photograph your family members from right inside the app, or select existing photos from your gallery. BabyMatch will request access to your camera and photos, which can be managed in your smartphone’s settings. And don’t worry; we won’t EVER store your photos.

* Wait a few seconds while BabyMatch works its magic

* Voila! You’ll see exactly who your little one looks like, down to the percentage point!

You can try it with as many photos as you want, as many times as you want!

Unlike many simple parents and celebrity look-alike apps that lack actual photo scanning capabilities, BabyMatch is powered by a custom back-end face recognition engine called CompreFace. CompreFace was developed by Exadel and features a face recognition library trained on millions of photographs. Learn More about CompreFace:

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