Babycare Idle – Olga Rak

Welcome to the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD – playing Mom! Take care of a baby in Babycare Idle and play mom games for real.

Babysitting or parenting, baby care is now your number 1 priority, and so is that little bundle of joy.

In this idle game, it’s time for diaper changing, bottle feeding, baby-play fun, and so much more. They’re soooo cute, but, lucky for you, those diapers are only digital 😉

Watch your mini-me grow as you level up in the game. Take care of a baby with lots of activities – walking, singing, and more – to earn hearts and advance to the next stage.

Help your little snuggles grow from babies to toddlers as you fulfill their needs and keep them happy.

It’s all fun and games. No baby cries here!

Play this ultimate baby care game of games to raise your own little perfect angel!