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Baby Mirror app helps you to find the Baby’s Name by Zodiac Sign, Baby’s Personality and also helps you to Predict the Gender of the baby by specifying the month of conception and the age of the mother using the Chinese Gender Chart.

Here you can find the Baby Mirror App Features:

Baby’s First Impression
Find the first impression of the baby when meeting someone for the first time and tips to make it better.

Baby’s Core Personality
What is inside and how they react to different situations describes core personality. Find your baby’s dominant personality.

Baby’s Emotional Side
How does your baby get along with some people well but struggle to converse with some? Find all your answers by knowing your emotional personality.

Baby’s Different from Others
What makes your baby unique and unmatched from others? A simple personality report will help you find the answer you have been looking for, all your life.

Trending Baby Names by Zodiac Sign: This feature helps you to find the most trending baby names by their zodiac sign. Now it’s easy to find the latest trending name and meaning of that by just tapping the zodiac sign of your child.

Trending Baby Names by Religion: This feature helps you to find the most trending baby names and meaning of that by religion. Baby Mirror app has names for 4 religions Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian.

Gender Predictor – using Chinese Gender Chart: you can predict the gender of the baby by providing the month of conception, age of the mother, and expected birth location (optional). 

This app should not be used for any purpose beyond entertainment.

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