Baby Colors Stimulation – Think Design Studio LLP

Baby Colors Stimulation is a sequel to Infant Visual Stimulation to help with your child’s early development. Whilst Infant Visual Stimulation focuses on Red, Black and White picture flashcards, Baby Colors Stimulation focuses on Single Color first followed by Multi Colors. This allows babies to be familiar with individual color instead of being confused by a medley of colors.

– How To Use Baby Colors Stimulation App

Baby Colors Stimulation provides 109 vivid images. Simply flip through the pictures, while talking to your baby or let your baby listen to the recorded music or music of your own choice.

This app comes with four lesson packs: Basic Items, Basic Food, Animals & Shapes! It also comes with a whopping 32 classical music tracks! This is on tremendous value!

You can experiment with the flashing speed of the cards. Watch your baby to see how long he is able to look at one specific picture and adjust the flash speed settings accordingly. Some babies like to look at the pictures a little longer than others, but in general babies have short attention spans and the flashing speed should not be too slow.

This educational app is easy and fun to use. It will provide hours of stimulation and entertainment for your baby.