Baani- Build better habits – Themissinglynx

Neurons that fire together wire together.

Step 1- Create your own or add a Ritual from a list of popular rituals
Step 2- Add mini-tasks to the ritual or again, add from popular tasks.
Step 3- Perform the mini-tasks together
Step 4- Repeat
Step 5- You are off to a better daily routine with your new habits.

Baani helps those neurons wire together by grouping your routines into specific rituals. Build better morning habit or a bedtime habit by adding a list of tasks you’d like to perform. Then, go through all the small tasks of that ritual to complete the ritual.

Repeat the process every day to combine those tiny habits into one powerful ritual. All completed habits will automatically reset for you every day.

Baani has no annoying reminder notifications as we want to actually help you build those habits without having to be dependent on the app.

You can create your own ritual and tasks or get started with popular habits and rituals. Try out today and see how Baani can help you build better habits
and create a new daily routine.