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BE, with BluCare Auto, provides a smart mobile assistant to aid in all aspects of car care. BluCare Auto uses intelligence to organize your vehicle records and data along with valuable expert information to enhance your vehicle ownership experience.

Vehicle ownership and maintenance represents one of the largest expenses for many people. They can be costly to purchase and maintain, last a long time and require expertise to keep them in top condition for maximum satisfaction and resale value.

Always have key vehicle information available at the tip of your fingers and quickly answer those many “what should I do about…” questions which vehicle owners frequently find themselves facing.

BluCare Auto Features

* Multiple vehicle support
* Automatic vehicle detection
* Automatic parking location and return-to-vehicle navigation
* Automatic trip tracking by vehicle and categorizing for personal or business
* Service record tracking and receipts storage
* Driving expense tracking by category and receipts storage
* Vehicle odometer tracking for records and maintenance notifications
* Insurance card for quick reference
* Automatic VIN scanning for vehicle identification and quick setup
* Video tutorials specific to your vehicle on almost any topic

Note: With BluCare Premium you get everything included in BluCare without any ads (you get a limited time free trial of BluCare Premium after you begin using the app).

Watch for the introduction of many more useful BluCare features for car and home as well as our launch of unique aftermarket hardware products for your vehicle, like BluRemote. Read more about this on our website.

BE App instructions: https://blueeclipse.co/instructions

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