AZUM mobile – AZUM system AG

With the AZUM mobile app you have your training programs always and everywhere at hand. It supports you in your everyday training, no matter whether you have a personal trainer or whether you train according to the plans of the professional AZUM coaches.

AZUM system offers you a wide range of free training plans ( From preparation for the first 5 km run, through athletic, cycling and swimming programs, to complex form building for a long distance triathlon – AZUM system helps athletes of all
performance levels achieve their goals.

Selected functions:
– Daily, weekly and monthly view of your workouts.
– Comprehensible explanations and video instructions for the exercises.
– Individual intensity zones and the possibility to store a metabolic profile.
– Plan your events and set your goals.
– Analyse your workouts in the detailed view.
– Coordinate with your coach and give him/her feedback on the training.
– Auto-synchronize with Garmin and Strava.
– Practical target/actual comparison that shows you whether you can keep to your training plans.
– A large food database and food monitoring allow you to control your nutrition.
– Track various parameters of your subjective well-being and thus control your activities even better.
– And many other functions that support you in your daily training routine…