AZUKO’s Maze – Tenna Churiki

Let’s play Maze with pixel girl, AZUKO!

Get heart and money(ShiHe) to unlock difficult maze, and complete your journey!
You can play special maze as your level goes up.
Try solving biggest maze which has 121×121 square !

◆ Infinit Play
There are 15 kinds of maze which has different size and scenery.
Every time you play, structure of mazes change.
You can try new one every time!

◆ Use items to clear maze!
Bigger maze may look impossible to solve, but no worries! 
You can use these practical items!
– Footmark : Leave footmark where you walked
– Hammer : Break Wall in front of you
– Light : Lighten up a maze to see wider area

There is no competition here.
Play whichever you want, and break your speed record!

【Sound Credits】
Music Atelier Amacha:
OtoLogic :