Ayers Rock Resort Planner – VERB Interactive

Located in Australia’s iconic Red Centre, Ayers Rock Resort offers a wealth of dining options, activities, tours, and experiences. When you book your stay at Ayers Rock Resort, don’t forget to download the Ayers Rock Resort Planner App to check in, browse menus, see tours and activities, order food, and much more.

The Ayers Rock Resort Planner app is a must-have trip-planning tool that acts as a digital guide to Ayers Rock Resort. Use the contactless check-in feature to get into your room quicker and start your holiday even sooner! Once you’re settled in, browse dining menus from restaurants around the resort and order room service. Or browse the dozens of tours, activities, and experiences available and plan your perfect day in the Outback.

An intuitive, engaging design makes it easy for users to find key information about Ayers Rock Resort, access a chatbot for real-time support, see weather forecasts, and pinpoint sunrise and sunset times for the perfect start or end to an unforgettable day of exploring. Install and use the app before you arrive for a preview of things to see and do at Ayers Rock Resort.

Features include:
* Contactless check-in to ensure the safety of guests (and speed up the process!)
* Dining menus
* Order room service
* See a full list of available tours and activities
* Browse upcoming events
* See the latest weather forecasts and sunrise/sunset times
* Access a chatbot for real-time support

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