Axxon App – Sensinxs

AXXON is the only recognized professional organization for physiotherapists in Belgium. The AXXON application is built up out of 2 parts: one part accessible to the general public, for all citizens and care providers, and another part specifically for physiotherapists.
In the public area, the care recipient (patient / client) will search for a physiotherapist based on geographic location, and / or special competence (specialization), or the specific interests of the physiotherapist, and / or the name of the physiotherapist. Based on these search criteria, the patient can make an appointment with the physiotherapist online. This appointment can take place ‘live’ in the practice room or via video consultation. After a check by the physiotherapist that will be consulted, a confirmation message is sent about the appointment. The physiotherapist that will be consulted also has the option of having the consultation paid in advance online. In addition, the physiotherapist has the option of creating their personal exercise library, after which they can send specific exercises to the patient / client.

With the application, AXXON can send push messages, both publicly and to its members. These messages can contain specific health information, including prevention notifications or messages related to the competences of physiotherapy. Via this app, AXXON can send specific messages to prescribers, but also to other primary health care providers including nurses, dentists, psychologists, podiatrists, dieticians, etc.…. In addition to these various care actors, welfare actors and local authorities can also be addressed with targeted messages via a selection from the database.

The app is a supporting tool for the physiotherapist in his practice.
– In addition to keeping track of a diary, the physiotherapist can consult and update their personal portfolio, including permanent training, via a link to their PE online portfolio.
– A direct link is provided to the Cebam Digital Library for Health. Through the CDLH library, all customized medical information is just a click away, from Ebpracticenet, critical article reviews, clinical practice guidelines to systematic reviews.
– A direct link is provided to MyRiziv and the personal E-health box.
– Young starters can use an area to find all the important information on how to start up a practice. This includes a link to the starters’ guide.

In a second phase, the mobile app will become an important tool for telemonitoring, where the care recipient (client / patient) can be followed up and guided by a physiotherapist on a daily basis. The care recipient receives a personalized and optimal rehabilitation treatment. Telemonitoring makes it possible to collect biomedical data (such as blood pressure, heart rate, performed activity, etc., …) from the care recipient (patients / clients) using wearables and sensors, and to store these data directly in the patient’s file. The PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) and PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures) can also use questionnaires to measure the quality of care experienced by the patient in a structured way.
In the context of secondary prevention in healthcare, this app will also be used to monitor and coach patients with type II diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity in adolescents and children, etc. In addition, the mobile app and the underlying platform can be used in the follow-up of cardiac and cancer rehabilitation.