Awsm (“awesome”) teaches teens and their parents financial literacy by intertwining theoretical content with full-service banking.

No more boring textbooks or videos. Awsm teaches teenagers financial literacy and then lets them experience the financial products they just learned about through its safe, teen-friendly banking. Reward system guides and steers teens’ financial behavior and thus form patterns and reinforce good habits and good decisions.

Sign-up in less than two minutes to get access to the tons of financial literacy courses, your awsm account and debit MasterCard.

– Awsm MasterCard
– Emulated credit card and other financial products to teach teens financial literacy
– Send and receive money from your friends and relatives
– Link Venmo to your account
– FDIC insured bank account
– Access tons of financial literacy courses
– Simulated score to keep you on track
– Get paid for taking financial education courses and passing them
– Get paid for chores and other jobs
– Receive allowances
– Set up custom saving goals and track the progress
– Turn your card on and off instantly from your app
– Parent-paid Interest rates on savings and goals
– Parent-paid rewards for responsible financial behavior
– Set spending rules and limits
– Refer your friends and get rewarded

Teach your kids what it means to be financially responsible. Prepare them for responsible adult life. Start learning, start earning.

Awsm card is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust, member FDIC pursuant to a license from Mastercard International.

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