Awesome Libs for iPhone – Igor Matyushkin

Are you a programmer? Do you develop for iOS? Then imagine a situation: you need a library for your app. Let’s assume, that’s a UI component. So you found an appropriate repository on the GitHub. What’s next? You open the, there’s usually an Installation section. You see that the library supports CocoaPods and Carthage. Okay, let’s use CocoaPods for now. You edit the Podfile, then type “pod install” in terminal. The console output is green, so everything is cool. Now you act according the instruction, adding the code from examples to your project. Finally you see the library doesn’t meet your requirements. It means the time was wasted. Rollback your project to the previous state.

Did it ever happen to you? If you’re an experienced developer, then it happened for sure. If not, it definitely will.

One day I asked myself: how to minimize the time we waste for searching new libraries? There are well-known collections on GitHub called awesome-swift or something like that. In reality, those collections are not tested well, many of the libraries are obsolete. So what we have to do then?

Awesome Libs app is the solution! This app is an offline collection of open source libraries written in Swift. It works extremely easy: launch it, find an interesting library with the Live Demo badge and… try the library without exiting the app! Yes, 90% of the libraries in Awesome Libs have demo screen designed for comfortable test-drive. No Internet connection required.

How we did that? Well, that was a giant work and we don’t stop it. We constantly add more and more and more libraries to Awesome Libs, so you will see them with every update.

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! When this app will get 100,000 paid downloads, we’ll publish its source code on GitHub under the MIT license and will drop the price to zero!

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