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Avocado: Privacy + Security Assistant

THE PROBLEM: Apps and website track and sell your private information without your consent. Keeping track of all the apps that are tracking you and your data, deleting old data and understanding all the privacy policies is overwhelming!

OUR SOLUTION: Taking back control of your privacy from applications and BIG tech companies that feel entitled to it. Our technology helps you understand and blocks ad tracker and provides reports paired with recommendations to continue, block or modify data sharing permissions. Putting data sharing permissions back in your control.

Our Promise: Avocado never collects your data and our technology runs on your device. We will never sell any information. Avocado’s business model revolves around providing tools to protect the data privacy and security of our consumers.

Why Avocado: With Avocado you are will limit tracking, increase data privacy and prevent data leaks.

Terms of Use: https://www.avoprivacy.com/terms
Privacy Policy: https://www.avoprivacy.com/privacy