Avire Ecosystem – Avire

The brand new Avire App provides basic configuration and status of your DCP installation, over time new features will be added to make Avire Ecosystem products faster, simpler and easier to configure and update.

Currently the app allows the user to easily configure the Digital Communication Platform (DCP) and connect to the Avire Hub monitoring platform. With an Avire SIM Card this can be done by simply scanning a bar code or with other SIM Cards just a few details need to be entered.

Key Features:

· Quickly and easily configure the connection of the DCP to the Avire Hub

· Check that a DCP is connected

· Select supersetting for your DCP device

· Register location of the DCP

The future:

This app will offer more advanced configuration options for the DCP. Other Avire Ecosystem devices will also be added to make configuration and updating all our devices extra quick and easy.