Avira Home Guard – Avira Holding

Avira Home Guard is the free smart home network scanner that detects and identifies any device connected to your Wi-Fi, including from neighbors using your Wi-Fi. It checks for device vulnerabilities such as open ports and tests your internet speed.

What Avira Home Guard can do for you:

Scan your smart home network, detect any device connected to your Wi-Fi network including routers, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, Wi-Fi video cameras, voice assistants, smart thermostats, even smart lightbulbs and other IoT devices at home.

Help secure the home network: Scan connected devices for known vulnerabilities such as open ports

Detect intruders on the network: Uncover who is accessing your Wi-Fi by detecting unfamiliar devices

Run internet speed tests: Check your Wi-Fi connection, measure download and upload speed, and ping latency

Device recognition: Identify device category, IP address, MAC address, device name, model, vendor